A Holistic Approach — A Detailed Understanding of Your Child’s Needs

Comprehensive Assessment

Through our comprehensive evaluative and assessment process, we are able to identify each child’s specific needs and requirements for determining the best placement choices.

Our assessment components include:

  • In depth parent/guardian interviews
  • Intensive developmental history on each child
  • Consults with key professionals involved in child’s care
  • Student interview and testing, as appropriate
  • Professional review of all available educational and psychological records and documentation
  • Summary of psychosocial, emotional, behavioral, familial and academic evaluation

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An Experienced Approach — Expertise Applied to the Decision Making Process

Educational and Therapeutic Placement

When considering placement for one’s child, most parents feel that they have “just this one chance to make the most impact on their child’s life”. They are often overwhelmed with information from brochures, websites, and videos – not really knowing which schools or programs are reputable and which ones just look reputable. Entrusting their child’s care to another must first entail more than an internet connection or risking the choice to chance.

As dedicated educational consultants, 25-30 % of our time is spent visiting and evaluating schools and programs across the United States. Knowing the various nuances of each allows us to bring a wealth of knowledge to the decision making process – especially when determining the most suitable environment for success for each of our clients.

Our placement components include:

  • Identifying most appropriate options for placement
  • Preliminary screening with admissions, academic and clinical staff at recommended schools/programs
  • Provide overview of specific placement options
  • Familial support and counsel throughout admissions process
  • Continued monitoring of student’s progress through matriculation of selected school/program

A Supportive Approach — Continued Guidance through the Treatment Journey

Parent Support

Parent SupportThrough the years of working with countless numbers of families, Tamara Ancona identified a huge void in the level of support being offered to her parent clients as they sought appropriate help for their struggling child. Often times, this meant placement outside of the home for their child, consequently altering exacerbating the emotional state of the parents and family. Hearing the cycle of complex feelings these parents were experiencing – from guilt and doubt, to relief and hope; from sadness and fear, to peace and validation –Tamara designed a working model of support services specifically for her clients that otherwise were not available to parents. This changed the course of educational consulting and significantly raised the standard of services offered to those parents needing help.

Some of what TAG Counseling Parents might expect is as follows:

  • Continuous consultative availability throughout all stages of the child’s placement(s)
  • Continuous guidance and referrals to local professionals for parents and siblings as needed. Those may include individual counselors, family and marriage therapists, addictions support groups and other mental health experts
  • Continued monitoring of student’s progress through matriculation of selected school/program

An Ongoing Relational Approach — Additional Resources and Options for Continued Success

Transitional Planning

Research has indicated one of the determining factors of a child’s continued success once back home, is largely due to the nature of a supportive environment within the home and within each family’s community. Our relationships with local professionals, along with our detailed knowledge of support services and educational offerings allow us to help each child put into place a strong and workable transition aftercare plan. Our aftercare components include:

  • Recommending specific supportive services (social skills development, learning related, tutoring and recovery maintenance)
  • Recommending college and career counseling
  • Recommending specific local school placement options
  • Recommending key clinical professionals for the student, parents and family as needed

Once again, our comprehensive and unique approach provides immeasurable value to our clients, as
they experience continued professional guidance, support and expertise throughout their child’s journey.

* TAG Counseling does not support, nor recommend schools, programs or services that engage in referral or placement compensation practices.