Educational and Therapeutic Placement

An Experienced Approach

    — Knowledge and Expertise Applied to the Decision Making Process

Education TherapeuticWhen considering placement for one’s child, most parents feel that they have “just this one chance to make the most impact on their child’s life”. They are often overwhelmed with information from brochures, websites, and videos – not really knowing which schools or programs are reputable and which ones just look reputable. Entrusting their child’s care to another must first entail more than an internet connection or risking the choice to chance.

As dedicated educational consultants, 25-30 % of our time is spent visiting and evaluating schools and programs across the United States. Knowing the various nuances of each allows us to bring a wealth of knowledge to the decision making process – especially when determining the most suitable environment for success for each of our clients. Our placement components include:

  • Identifying most appropriate options for placement
  • Preliminary screening with admissions, academic and clinical staff at recommended schools/programs
  • Consult with parents to discuss specific placement options
  • Familial support throughout admissions process
  • Ongoing parent support | Learn More >>
  • Continued monitoring of student’s progress through matriculation of selected school/program
  • Transitional Planning and Care