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Monthly Archives: August 2017

Back to School & Mental Health Concerns


Children and teens around the nation are heading back to school. The beginning of the year brings a range of emotions - from excitement to anxiety - that they are trying to cope with. To help facilitate the process, Mental Health America  has put together a toolkit of information for parents, teachers and students. Back to School Kids and teens today are dealing with some heavy stuff -- cyber-bullying, body shaming, community violence, abuse, neglect, unstable home lives, drug exposure, sexual orientation, immigration issues and more. Some young people may not have the tools that they need to effectively handle emotions like fear, sadness, and anger, which are often at the root of misbehavior. All too often youth who misbehave aren’t given a great deal of attention until they get into trouble at school. Getting in trouble [...]

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Teens & Sexting


As time passes, each generation gets more and more sexually aware, and this one is no exception. Social media, easier access to the internet, and sexual promiscuity add fuel to an already burning fire. A big problem now with the pre-teen and teen age group is sexting. Sexting is defined as sending sexually explicit photographs or messages via mobile phone. Sexting at any age can have repercussions, but at an age where brains are still developing, bullying is on the rise, and the consequences can be far reaching, the trend is even more disturbing. The writers and directors of “Screenagers, Growing up in the Digital Age” focus not only on the issues around technology use and kids, but they also send weekly emails about current trends and what to watch for. The following information was [...]

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